PaperEyes was established as a result of the concern of a professional with more than 25 years of experience as an optician and optometrist.

After observing the needs of his clients, he decided to study the manufacture of artisan glasses made from the highest quality materials using precise, elaborate methods.

In principle, the product was intended as a bespoke solution for the person wearing the glasses.

For this reason, he started to produce unique, exclusive designs perfectly suited to the features of each person, thereby creating a product associated with fashion and personal image.

Product values

  • Artisan process: a largest part of the manufacturing process is executed by hand.


  • Original: recycled paper obtained from newspapers, comics and magazines are used, to give your acetate glasses a unique, exclusive and different personalised appearance.


  • Sustainable: the materials used are provided by local suppliers.


  • Quality: the frames are made from durable Italian acetate.


  • Eco-friendly: most of the acetate we use is manufactured by “Mazzucchelli”, a global leader in eco-friendly, biodegradable production and distribution.


  • Design: the glasses follow the latest trends, and can be adapted to the style of each person.


  • Comfortable: PaperEyes glasses are extremely comfortable, as they adapt perfectly to most faces.


  • Traditional: although they are hand-made using artisan methods, they offer precise, optimum results, due to the use of high quality and modern materials made with the latest technology.

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